What should  I expect from my spray tanning appointment with Hollywood Beauty Lab?

We are professionally certified through S.S Spray Tanning Academy (San Diego,California) 

and we've been spraying our lovely clients in Laredo since 2016.

We truly believe that you are going to love our luxurious spray tanning with us

Preparation is the key to your perfect spray tanning session with Hollywood Beauty Lab.

Please follow these instructions for a successful spray tanning session.


Exfoliate your face,body,hands 48 hours prior your appointment.

Use a sulfate free body scrub and a brush to exfoliate your body,face and hands.

We have a great variety of organic,sulfate-free body scrubs and brushes 

that are available

for sale in our studio. 


Shave/Wax 48 hours prior

Manicure/Pedicure should be done before 

Wash your hair before the spray tan



Rinse with warm water only

(at least 4 hours prior)

Warm water rinse that's all is needed

Don't use body soaps 

Don't shave or wax same day as spray tanning day

Don't apply lotions

Body oils,perfume

deodorant and makeup.


Collect following items with you to the appointment

Hair tie

Bikini or underwear

Dark,loose fitting clothes

Lip balm



Smile and be confident that you are now fully prepared for a spray tanning session

with Hollywood Beauty Lab.


How long is the tan going to last?

Our tans last up to 7-10 days (with proper care and maintenance)

Can I work out after my tanning session?

We suggest waiting until your first initial rinse   in the shower

When can I wear a deodorant/makeup/normal clothes?

We suggest after your first initial rinse in the shower

Will I be "orange"?

No,you will not turn orange as we work really hard at eliminating unpleasant "orange" color

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How long will my tan last?

Your tan will last depending on 

how well you are taking care of it.

In order to avoid premature fade off,we recommend using sulfate free body soaps that won't strip your tan.

We have vast variety of different body soaps available for sale in our studio.

By using our soaps and tan extending lotions ( for sale in our studio),your tan should last up to 7-8 days.

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Will I turn orange or too dark?

We believe Spray Tan should be  just like a perfect foundation for your face.

It has to match!

While other salons use same colors on every skin tone,here at Hollywood Beauty Lab we don't use same approach.

We customize our colors to suit each client's different skin tones.

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I am getting married or have an important event to attend.

When should I get a spray Tan?

If you are a bride please call our studio so we can set up a trial.

Most of our brides prefer getting a tan 3 days prior their engagement and bridal portraits.

We don't recommend getting a tan same day as your wedding.

If you have an important event to attend,we do have Quick developing solutions available.

You will be able to rinse in the shower 1-3 hrs after and go to your event looking fabulous.

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Do you offer Pageant,Bodybuilding and Cheerleading packages?

Yes,we do!
Please call our studio to find out all about our package deals.

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According to the American Academy of Dermatology the most effective sunless tanning products contain  (DHA) as the active ingredient. DHA is t is derived from glycerin that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color change. 

DHA is not absorbed through the skin into the body and it has no known toxicity.

 DHA has been listed with the Food and Drug Administration

(FDA) since 1973, and has been used in cosmetic preparations for almost 30 years.

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Do you offer spray tanning on location?

Yes,we do!

If you have a party of 5+ people,we will come to you!

This option is perfect for bridal parties,bachelorette parties and GNO.


Do you offer Spray Tanning

Buy a package of 3 sessions and save $10.00

Buy a package of 5 sessions and save


Buy a package of 10 sessions and save